Ron Pardini praised for 4 years of leadership and innovation


Story by Robert Moore

Dr. Ron Pardini, over the past four years, has served the College with unwavering dedication while guiding CABNR through some of the most fiscally difficult times experienced in recent history. In 2009, former Dean, David Thawley, suffered an unfortunate accident and Dr. Pardini was asked to assume the role of Dean/Director. As the hiring of a successor draws near, the College would like to express its appreciation for a job well done.

Under Dr. Pardini’s leadership, much has been accomplished and CABNR is well underway in reestablishing its place among UNR’s most productive colleges. Tasked with reorganizing the college into three departments, his insistences upon stakeholder involvement ensured a strong community base of support. With a clear understanding of public and university needs, his team drafted a new five-year strategic plan that reflected those concerns.

Founded upon student engagement, focused training, collaborative efforts, and community and economic development programs, the college has surpassed historical enrollment records while demonstrating greater community commitment as seen by over 14 memorandums of understanding. Revenue resources were broadened through multiple entrepreneurial strategies and educational opportunities were increased through multi-institutional participation. Furthermore, Dr. Pardini aligned internal programs to meet the university’s mission, boosted CABNR’s faculty numbers, and built new partnerships with other colleges within UNR, industry, and state/federal agencies.

Cooperative Extension Dean Dr. Mark Walker said, “Ron stressed a continual need to collaborate across disciplines, while making the most of our resources for both students and stakeholders.”

The college and departments’ faculty, staff and students at this time would like to acknowledge the immense effort that Dr. Pardini has exerted and collectively thank him for his achievements and leadership during his tenure as Interim Dean and Director.