Researchers from CABNR are helping launch a new business

EscaZyme BiochemicalsA pair of researchers from CABNR are helping launch a new business based on their work studying insect enzymes.
The work of Claus Tittiger, professor of biochemistry, and Rubi Figueroa-Teran, a post-doctoral researcher, was accepted into the National Science Foundation business-validation program, known as Innovation Corps or I-Corps. They are now bringing to market a product based on their enzymes under the company named EscaZyme Biochemical, LLC.
The company is based on the economical production of compounds discovered in bark beetles from the Tahoe National Forest. Plans are under way to put the technological processes into mass production with the launch of a specialized chemical production company, EscaZyme Biochemicals.
The enzymes have the potential to be used for a wide range of products such as bug traps and pesticides, perfumes, flavorings, cleaning products or even with drugs for chemotherapy and bacterial infection. The company is focusing on the pesticide and insect attractant application as the starting place for the business venture.
The company's first potential client is a chemical company that produces traps and lures for bark beetles, a tiny insect that can decimate a forest in just a few years. The firm's customers include governments, ranchers, timber companies, ski resorts and anyone interested in forest health and management.