Kim Higgins named CABNR's 2013 Employee of the Year

Kim HigginsAny researcher who has received a grant or had to fulfill the requirements of a grant knows just how valuable a program officer who understands the process is.
That's why Kim Higgins got such overwhelming support from faculty and staff and was awarded the Outstanding Classified Staff Employee of the Year Award.
Managing grants is a difficult job. There are a lot of reports, deadlines and spreadsheets to deal with. CABNR's grants have to be coordinated with the UNR Office of Sponsored Projects, so you have to be organized and you have to anticipate potential delays. But by all accounts, Higgins handles these duties with great skill, courtesy and efficiency.
"She engenders every desirable attribute one would ever hope to see in an employee for the efficient and effective functioning of the college in terms of extramural grants support," said Professor John Cushman, director of the biochemistry graduate program.
Grant Cramer, a professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, agreed, adding that Higgins' detail-oriented approach to her work and positive attitude has helped him tremendously.
"Her work is of the highest quality," Cramer said. "She's made my job so much easier by not having to worry about every little detail in my proposal budgets."
Higgins' colleagues especially appreciate her understanding of complex grant terminology and the intricacies of grant submittal processes. She's also skilled at kindly answering questions, and keeping faculty and department personnel informed about potential changes.