Nevada Order of the Eastern Star supports cancer research

Professor Ron Pardini, PhD., Biochemistry
Biochemistry Professor Ron Pardini, PhD.

Since 1987, the Grand Chapter of Nevada Order of the Eastern Star has been a steadfast supporter of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources (CABNR) Cancer Research Laboratory and the groundbreaking work of biochemistry Professor Ron Pardini.

“All these years later, Eastern Star still supports the cancer research project as we feel it is a good use of our funds,” says member Margery Carr. “We like that the funding stays local and is actually helping with hands-on research. We were always interested in the actual research as many of our members were directly affected by the disease.”

The gift will continue to fund the investigation of the role of nutritional intervention in cancer therapy. Research led by Pardini is demonstrating that different types and levels of dietary fat can slow tumor growth rates, increase tumor responsiveness to therapy, lower drug-host toxicity of certain anticancer agents and reduce cachexia, the wasting syndrome associated with cancer patients.

“The continued support from the Order of the Eastern Star for our cancer research program has been invaluable for the advancement of our research program on diet and cancer, and has enabled us to engage undergraduate and graduate students in research leading to careers in medicine and medical research,” Pardini says.

“Through their dedication for fundraising, Eastern Star has helped develop the future workforce and scientific expertise to continue the war on cancer. Many of these engaged students have entered medical school, graduate school and medical support disciplines.” The Order of the Eastern Star is a fraternal organization of women and men committed to providing an environment of friendship and fellowship through its charitable acts, support of its membership and involvement within the community. The Grand Chapter of Nevada Order of the Eastern Star was inducted into the University’s Honor Court in 2002.