CABNRFIT: the path to academic success

We in CABNR want all of our students to succeed and flourish. To help ensure that success, we've designed a six-day intensive bootcamp experience to prepare incoming students for their freshman year and beyond.
Students attending CABNR Fit in 2017


CABNRFIT is a college immersion program that is designed to give students the tools to succeed as an incoming freshman majoring in one of CABNR's programs. We blend classroom, hands-on laboratory experiences and research laboratory tours to put a “real-world” context to education. This intensive, six day bootcamp experience prepares students for their freshman year and beyond. Participants interact with student mentors, advisors and researchers who push students to apply their knowledge of math, chemistry and biology to get a glimpse of the expectations and research experiences that await them as an incoming student.

"CABNRFIT was a lot of fun; it was intense and informational. It helped me get into the groove of college lifestyle, make some friends with students of similar majors and upperclassmen mentors, and better understand what professors expect from me. If given the choice, I would definitely do it again," Andrew Cooper, CABNRFIT participant.

In order to ensure this valuable program continues to grow and succeed, we need your help! Make an impact today by supporting CABNRFIT with a year-end gift. Your support of a student with financial need can cover their course fee, their lodging expense or both. Most importantly your support will help to ensure their success at Nevada. Visit