CABNR honors 2017's best teacher, research, and staff

Marjorie Matocq – Outstanding Researcher
An inspiring member of the Natural Resources and Environmental Science Department since 2008, professor Marjorie Matocq has developed a worldclass wildlife ecology and genomics laboratory that focuses on a combination of modern molecular genetic techniques with morphological and field studies. Matocq has proven to be an astute and accomplished researcher, tied to more than $3.2 million in grant money where she has served as the principle investigator. Over the past two years, the Matocq lab published 15 articles in top-ranked, peer-reviewed journals, and gave over 30 presentations (8 invited) to federal agencies, and national and international scientific conferences. Awards for Matocq included the University 2015 Distinguished Outreach Faculty Award and the Vada Trimble Outstanding Graduate Mentoring Award. This year Matocq was chosen for CABNR’s Outstanding Researcher of the Year Award.
Marjorie Matocq, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno

Hanna Damke – Outstanding Teacher
Hanna Damke, an assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, joined the University in 2004 and consistently demonstrates a high level of care for students. Student feedback repeatedly indicates that she “really cares” about them and that her teaching style is clear, engaging and approachable. Damke regularly goes above and beyond to ensure that senior thesis students are placed into labs, that they conduct their research, and that they learn how to present their results both orally and in writing. This hard work culminates in the annual poster presentation at the end of spring semester, which is the high point of the students’ efforts. Providing the help needed, Damke ensures that each student does their very best. Being a scientist at heart, Damke nurtures the intrinsic curiosity in her students by providing an environment to explore and make discoveries. This year Damke was chosen for CABNR’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award.
Hanna Damke, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno

Jon Wilker – Outstanding Staff Employee
Since arriving at the Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station in 1990, Jon Wilker has been a dedicated and high-achieving member of CABNR's staff. Wilker is the ranch manager of the Gund Ranch, located 45 miles Northeast of Austin, Nevada. He is well known for his outstanding work ethic and generosity. Wilker has done an exceptional job managing the financial aspect of the ranch, while maintaining an open mind and willingness to explore new avenues that enhance the business side, livestock husbandry standards, and best practices to support humane treatment and welfare of all animals. Wilker is also very giving of his time, assisting faculty, staff and students in research while mentoring them in the finer aspects of rural ranching. This year Jon Wilker was chosen for CABNR’s Outstanding Staff Employee of the Year Award.
Jon Wilker, Gund Ranch Manager, University of Nevada, Reno