CABNR honors 2016's best teacher, research, and staff

Antonio Faciola - Outstanding Researcher
A proud member of the Agriculture, Nutrition, and Veterinary Sciences department since 2013, assistant professor, Antonio Faciola, has developed a world-class animal science laboratory that focuses on improving the efficiency of nutrient utilization in ruminants in order to enhance animal production while minimizing the environmental impact of livestock operations. Faciola has proven to be an intelligent and accomplished researcher, tied to more than two million dollars in grant money for research projects where he has served as the PI, Co-PI and, collaborator. Faciola has published nine articles in top-ranked, peer-reviewed journals, received the Editor's Choice Article for August 2014 for the Journal of Dairy Science and was awarded the 2014 Outstanding Reviewer by the Elsevier Publishing Company. This year Faciola was chosen for CABNR's Outstanding Researcher of the Year Award.
Antonio Faciola, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno

Christie Howard - Outstanding Teacher
As the Director of the Biotechnology Program, Associate Professor, Christie Howard, demonstrates incredible passion for teaching and has developed one of UNR's most rigorous programs for students seeking careers in the biotech industry. Howard strives to engage her students and encourages them to expand their knowledge of biotechnology through hands-on training in real laboratory settings. To further enhance the student's real-world experience, Howard continually reaches out to biotechnology employers both in Nevada and California, which places students in corporate sponsored internships that prepare them for future jobs. In addition to her passion for teaching, Howard worked with Hamilton Robotics to receive the loan of a state-of-the art automated liquid handling robot and oversaw the International Genetically Engineered Machine team for five summers. This year Howard was chosen for CABNR's Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award. 
Christy Howard, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno

Teshome Shenkoru - Outstanding Staff Employee
Since arriving to the University of Nevada, Reno in 2001, Teshome Shenkoru has been a dedicated and high achieving member of CABNR's staff. Shenkoru is a Staff Research Associate in the Agriculture, Nutrition, and Veterinary Science department and is well known for his outstanding work ethic and generosity. Shenkoru always completes work of the highest quality, while maintaining a positive demeanor with fellow employees, faculty and students. Shenkoru is instrumental in running numerous successful projects, analyzing data, and writing scientific manuscripts. Shenkoru is also very giving of his time, assisting students and teaching them research techniques in the lab. Also known for his generosity, Shenkoru always goes above and beyond helping international students new to our community find housing, cars, and furniture. This year Shenkoru was chosen for CABNR's Outstanding Staff Employee of the Year Award.
Teshome Shenkoru, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno

Story by Kate Dunlap