Ashley named outstanding educator by American Dietetic Association

Prof. Judith Ashley has been selected as the "Outstanding Dietetics Educator" by Region 4 of the American Dietetic Association. Each year, each of the seven regions select one person to receive this award. Region 4 is made up of the states of Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah. Ashley's classes include Nutrition 426/626 (Medical Nutrition Therapy I) and Nutrition 427/627 (Medical Nutrition Therapy II).

In 2009, Ashley helped develop a guide to help medical practitioners successfully diagnose and treat celiac disease, which is the malabsorption of nutrients as a result of ingesting gluten and is more common than previously thought. In 2005, Ashley received a $1.38 million federal grant to create a program to increase the nutritional knowledge of Nevada's doctors.

The goal was to create a link for doctors to provide to their patients quick, reliable information about nutrition and medical conditions, including cancer. The purpose was to integrate nutrition into the practice of these doctors who serve as role models for the medical students they train in their medical offices