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CABNR 2017 Distinguished Alumus

Lyle McNeal ('66 M.S. in animal science) is a Carnegie professor at the Utah State University, Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Science Department in the School of Veterinary Medicine, where’s he’s taught since 1979. He is an animal and veterinary science educator and rancher consultant with more than 50 years of academic and industry experience and widely regarded in the scientific community as a sheep, goat and fiber specialist. His Navajo Sheep Project is credited with helping to rescue, save and restore the native Churro sheep to the Navajo and bringing back a traditional way of life.

Lyle McNeal
Lyle McNeal

Prior to attending the University of Nevada, Lyle served as a pilot in the Air Force and received the Airman’s Medal for Valor in 1961. He earned his bachelor of science in animal husbandry from Cal Poly Pamona in 1964. After his time at Nevada, Lyle worked as an extension agent with the Nevada Cooperative Extension and later became the state specialist over horses and sheep. In 1969, Lyle joined the animal science department at Cal Poly, where he was awarded the Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award in 1973. In 2007, Lyle was awarded the Carnegie Professor of the Year Award for Utah, among many other prestigious recognitions.

Though they live in Utah today, Lyle and his wife of 55 years, Nancy, have always loved Nevada and return several times a year to see their children and grandchildren, and always attend the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko. The couple have eight children and 16 grandchildren.