University of Nevada's 2016 Academic Advisors of the Year

Julie Stoughton (left) and Nancy Markee, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno

Nancy Markee and Julie Stoughton, academic advisors and teachers, contribute to the success of students in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Science (NRES) by taking a "hands-on" approach, continuously reaching out to the more than 300 students they advise. The pair was recognized for their dedication to the students they advise with this year's University of Nevada, Reno, Undergraduate Academic Advisor Award.

Associate Professor and Assistant Chair of NRES, Nancy Markee received her bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees from the University of California, Davis before joining the University of Nevada, Reno in 1986. With a background in both the biological and the social sciences, her research has centered on interactions between humans and the natural environment, focusing on conservation issues that have a human behavioral component. Markee also has a distinguished record as a student academic advisor, having developed the University's Academic Advising Center, serving twelve years as its director.

Lecturer and academic advisor, Julie Stoughton taught high school science for nine years and was an environmental educator in Yosemite National Park before joining NRES in 2005. In addition to teaching introductory environmental science courses, Stoughton co-teaches a course for undergraduate science majors who then spend a semester teaching elementary school science. Stoughton's interests center on effective environmental science education and how such education can connect all students, including non-science majors, to their natural environment.
Although either of these careers alone is worthy of the Advising Award, the positive synergy that Markee and Stoughton generate as a team is especially noteworthy.  They regularly discuss how to best serve students, and they jointly present ideas and solutions to NRES faculty.

To ensure student success, this dynamic duo has incorporated tangibles that go beyond classic academic advising.  Through an open, caring relationship with students, the team provides the support necessary to overcome the inevitable frustrations and barriers that occur throughout the rigorous curricula instituted for NRES majors. Markee and Stoughton have also taken charge of coordinating course offering in both CABNR and outside departments to ensure that scheduling conflicts are minimized.

As denoted by their advising philosophies, this duo of advisors is serious, committed, and passionate about their advising roles.  Markee and Stoughton also share the viewpoint that their role is to guide students through the student's educational development and into successful careers, as well as through their personal development into contributing members of society.

NRES Department Chair Bob Nowak concludes, "the advising team of Ms. Julie Stoughton and Dr. Nancy Markee epitomizes why UNR is considered such a student-friendly atmosphere, and thus why they deserved the Undergraduate Academic Advisor Award."