The College of Business program builds a legacy of globally competitive leaders

Seven students stand on the bank of the Thames river in London

In today's connected work environment, it's commonplace to work closely with people all over the world - even from the comfort of your desk. The goal of the Nevada Global Business Program is to offer international programs that prepare students for the contemporary workplace, providing them an advantage in their future job search within a global economy.

Each year, the Nevada Global Business Program, run through the College of Business, leads students on trips to Toronto, New York, London, Singapore, Sydney and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Students learn first-hand how organizations participate in global markets, and the program infuses critical learning business elements including culture, environment, art and design into each trip.

"Instead of memorizing theories on international business, we learned about the complexities of a global market in a hands-on environment."

"Instead of memorizing theories on international business, we learned about the complexities of a global market in a hands-on environment," Lexi Robertson, an MBA student who attended the program in Singapore, said. "In Southeast Asia, putting a business card away without a thorough inspection would be considered a huge insult. If you receive a gift in the Asia-Pacific region, you should take it with two hands, rather than one, to avoid offense."

A group os students on a hike in front of a waterfall

Nevadan Influence Across the Globe

Server Technology, a local Reno company with global operations (recently acquired by French company Legrand), provided a brilliant visit with the vice president of international sales, Marc Marazzi, to review the nuts and bolts of managing a global workforce.

"One of the things I enjoy most about these trips is the surprise we see from students when they meet with and learn from companies abroad that are based in Nevada," Jim McClenahan, director of corporate relations and outreach, said.

Haws, a plumbing manufacturer headquartered in Sparks, has offices in Singapore and welcomed the students to witness their international operation. A visit to Microsoft's Singapore operations showcased the close ties to its operation in Reno. Students met with leaders at IGT, a global company with significant operations in Reno, when traveling to London.

"At each organization, they took the time to share more than what they do or how they make money: they touched on the human aspects of doing business and how important that is to good business," Global Business student Kristen Furleigh said.

A group of students in front of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Bridge

Engaging with the culture internationally and growing in understanding of global operations allows students to return to Reno as better-trained future global leaders with knowledge of best practices on multiple continents.

"Our mission with this program is to open our students' eyes and their understanding of the world," McClenahan said. "One of our mottos in the College of Business is: ‘Building a legacy of globally competitive leaders.' Students who participate in our program are not only offered the opportunity to explore new cultures but are also prepared to succeed in organizations with global operations - making them more marketable to employers when they graduate. They are truly on the path to be globally competitive leaders."

Potential locations to be added to the program in 2019 include Hong Kong; Cape Town, South Africa; San Jose, Costa Rica; and various locations in Eastern Europe, paralleling recent State of Nevada trade missions.

For more about our students' adventures, read their blogs from trips abroad. If you would like to support the Nevada Global Business Program, contact Christina Sarman, executive director of development at

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