New faculty

In fall of 2017, the College of Business welcomed seven professors and lecturers. From studying economics in Moscow to consumer attitudes on renewable energy, these researchers provide students new perspectives and challenges that help diversify the academic environment.

Binod Guragai

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Headshot Binod GuragaiGuragai received his Ph.D. from the University of North Texas. He is interested in studying earnings quality, earning management and corporate governance. Guragai is currently working on research related to the informativeness of discontinued operations for analysts and investors, as well as the presentation choices of discontinued operations. He is also working on various projects that examine the causes and consequences of corporate governance choices of firms.

Favorite Activity: Visiting Sand Harbor beach at Lake Tahoe

Joseph Ray

Lecturer of Business Management

Headshot Joseph RayRay received his master's of business administration at the University of Nevada, Reno. Along with being a lecturer of management, Ray is a professional member of the Society of Human Resource Management-Senior Certified Professionals. Each semester, Ray teaches effective business writing and human resource management. Ray is also a co-advisor for the Management and Human Resource Association and serves as a member of an assessment committee in the College's business management discipline.

Favorite activities: Snowboarding and the Reno Air Races

Brett Rixom

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Headshot Brett Rixom

Rixom received his Ph.D. in accounting at the University of Utah. His research interests include behavioral audit, managerial decision making, as well as improving auditor performance and unintended consequences. Rixom's research focuses on judgment and decision-making of both auditors and client managers with specific interest in improving auditor performance. He examines how different external motivators influence the way auditors exert effort, which ultimately influences their performance. Also, he studies how policies designed to change auditor behavior can also influence the way that client managers interact with auditors.

Favorite Activities: Taking photographs and enjoying Reno's four seasons

Jessica Rixom

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Headshot Jessica Rixom

Rixom received her Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Utah. Her research interests include consumer behavior, judgment and decision-making and branding. Rixom's research focuses on brand-related decisions faced by marketing managers. She explores how these branding decisions influence consumers' brand perceptions, as well as the way that consumers react toward the brand. Rixom examines the inferences consumers make about products based on branding decisions such as package design, brand name and advertising messages. She also studies how brand-related decisions influence consumers' product expectations and the consequences of meeting or not meeting those expectations.

Favorite Activity: Hiking and finding new places to explore

Anna Sokolova

Assistant Professor of Economics

Headshot Anna SokolovaSokolova received her Ph.D. at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Her research interests include the general equilibrium model with sovereign default, monetary and fiscal policy, consumption theory, meta-analysis in macroeconomics and Bayesian econometrics. Her primary field of research is open-economy macroeconomics with a focus on sovereign defaults and international capital flows. She studies how bargaining for reductions on sovereign debt affects borrowing patterns of private agents, monetary policy and macroprudential policy conduct in economies with sovereign default risk and the link between risk of sovereign default and anticipated default costs.

Favorite Activities: Hiking and skiing

Dilek Uz

Assistant Professor of Economics

Headshot Dilek Uz

Uz received her Ph.D. in agricultural and resource economics from the University of California, Berkeley. Her primary research interest is in environmental and energy economics and how it intersects with policy and politics. In one of her projects, she is studying the consumer preferences towards renewable energy, preference effects from recent industry developments and voting patterns. She also looks at the effectiveness of adding more renewable sources into the grid in reducing emissions and the effectiveness of giving the same credit to each renewable kilowatt-hour of pollution-reducing electricity.

Favorite Activity: Going on hikes around Lake Tahoe

Serhat Yildiz

Assistant Professor of Finance

Headshot Serhat Yildiz

Yildiz received his Ph.D. in business administration with an emphasis in Finance from the University of Mississippi. Yildiz currently researches the processing in financial markets and the implications of information flow from financial markets to corporations. This area of research intersects corporate finance, market microstructure and asset pricing. His recent publications in Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Economics and Finance, and Journal of Insurance Issues and other working papers aim to answer questions focused on this area.

Favorite Activity: Jogging

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