Fajardo takes advantage of his business education on and off the field

Football player running on field.Ex-Nevada quarterback Cody Fajardo makes a mad dash against the Colorado State Rams in 2014 at Mackay Stadium. Fajardo is now with the BC Lions of the CFL.

Former Wolf Pack quarterback Cody Fajardo (business management '15) is one of a handful of ex-Nevada athletes in the professional ranks. Since graduation, he has been busy not only eluding pass rushers in the Canadian Football League the past three seasons but also making the most of his College of Business education. Employing the entrepreneurial spirit of the College, this past off-season Fajardo permanently moved back to northern Nevada and is teaching local high school quarterbacks the art of being a dual-threat gunslinger.

In his own words, Fajardo talks about the importance of his degree, the professors who impacted his career and what his future holds.

"I was lucky enough to realize at a young age that football isn't going to last forever, and that there has to be life after football. My education has impacted me in so many ways, especially having a business degree. For example, I took a contract negotiation class my last semester in college, and it really helped me sit down with executives for these professional teams and negotiate my contract, along with my agent, with a lot of confidence and knowledge. Without my education, I feel it would be easy for these execs to take advantage of me.

"During my time at the College of Business, I had a countless number of professors who I really enjoyed. Two off the top of my head are (management professors) James Sundali and Mary Groves. Professor Sundali was the instructor of the contract negotiation class. It was a well put together class that I realized I would need in the near future if I wanted to be a professional athlete. Professor Groves' class was also a course that set me up for life after college. We learned how to write our own cover letter and resumes, how to be professional in emails and when contacting people, as well as what to expect in job interviews and how to dress. All these tools carried on to the professional-athlete level because there are a lot of executives, coaches, sponsors, charities and fans that reach out to you on a day-to-day basis. With the knowledge learned from that class, I was able to be professional to the point that many of these people, who were older than me, had to respect me at such a young age.

"I am very pleased to announce my engagement to my wonderful fiancée, Laura Voss. I was able to propose to her on the 50-yard line at Mackay Stadium. She is a soccer alumna and biology graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno, and I knew that the Nevada campus was perfect for our proposal. Of all the wonderful individual moments I have had on that field, this sticks out above them all.

"I have been very blessed with life after college. Professionally, what stands out the most to me is starting my own quarterback training business in Reno. Without my degree and my wonderful professors, I would never have known where to start, but I was able to start this company up in just a few days. Now I am happy to say that I have more than 40 middle- and high-school quarterbacks that I have been fortunate enough to impact and help better their craft."

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