Melissa Perez-Rios honored as The College of Business Top Senior Scholar for Spring 2017

Melissa Perez Rios

From a young age, it was embedded into me the idea that knowledge is power. This drove me to do well in school and excel in all activities that I participated in. Growing up with a single mother, I was the first of my siblings to attend a four-year university, and will be the first in my family to graduate with a degree in higher education. My family’s influence has led me onto a successful path, and the opportunities at the University Nevada have gotten me even further in my future endeavors.

As a bright-eyed freshman, I immediately immersed myself into student life by joining the Business Student Council, club volleyball, and becoming involved in resident life at the dorms. My network quickly grew, and I was lucky enough to fall into a marketing job at The College of Business. I learned about professionalism, networking, career growth, event planning, and graphic design in my role on the Business Student Council and working as a student marketing coordinator. These successes did not come without struggle, of course, but the network of people I had helped me overcome the obstacles that came with university life.

During my time here at the University of Nevada, I have grown into a person who has realized that I just want happiness. Life is short, and I have seen that demonstrated with the passing of my brother, the loss of dear friends, and the passing of time that seems to have happened in a blink of an eye. I am lucky enough to truly enjoy what I have been studying in business marketing, and I believe that people should do something that makes them happy. I am thankful for the past four years, the struggles, the successes, and everyone who has guided me along the way. ■