Virtual File Server Help

Task Panel (left part):

Help Image 1

On the left part of task panel you can find:
Button 1. Allows you to see all of the Folders available to you. Click the link on top border or click the button to see detailed list of folders.
Button 2. This button allows user to return to the parent folder from current subfolder.
Section 3. The buttons in this section are designed for file/folders operations. You can create new folder, create new file, rename file/folder, cut files/folders, copy files/folders, paste files/folders, delete files/folders. Select appropriate button to complete action. Be careful when you do any delete action. Once file or folder is deleted it can not be recovered.
Button 4. The button allows you to see properties of the files or folders and change attributes if you have permissions to do so.

Task Panel (right part):

Help Image 2

On the right part of task panel you can find the following buttons:

  • Button 5. Allows you to upload files from your local PC to the currently selected web folder.
  • Button 6. The search button.
  • Section 7. This section has set of buttons for ZIP/Unzip operations. Use these buttons compress/uncompress multiple files and folders. This is helpful when you have slow internet connection and you want to compress your files before moving them from your local PC to the web folder or vice versa.
  • To create zip file click on "Create new ZIP", select files and/or folders and choose "Add to ZIP".
  • Button 8. Refreshes files/folders list.
  • Button 9. Themes and settings button controls web file manager appearance. It allows you to change color themes and show/hide some elements of the browser.
  • Button 10. Help button.
  • Button 11. "Log Off" icon. Use this button when you finish your work session.

Files/Folders list:

Help Image 3

On the left part of the screen You can see list of files and folders.

Left mouse button click will open subfolder or select a single file.

You can use left mouse button and Ctrl and Shift keys combinations to select multiple items.
Right mouse button click will allow you to see the context menu.
You can sort folder listing by clicking at Name, Type, Size or Modified section of the top bar.
You can download any selected file by clicking blue "Get" hyperlink.

Some files types including Graphical Images, HTML and PDF documents can be viewed in separate window if you choose green "View" hyperlink. Text files can be edited in built-in text editor - simply choose "Edit" hyperlink.