Dreamspark FAQs

Account Creation Issues

At the beginning of the semester on designated date, all the accounts will be created in the system. When this happens you must register for an account using your NetID. If you register for classes late your NetID may not be in the system. If this is the case, please email cobalabs@coba.unr.edu with your NetID and your NetID will be registered in the system.

Are you checking your correct email address? The email will be sent to whichever address you registered in the Dreamspark system.

If you are checking the correct email address and you have not received an email: First be sure to double check your Junk Email folder to ensure the email did not end up there. If you still do not have the email visit the Dreamspark page and choose the Log In link. Click the Login Help link and type the email address that you have registered in ePAWS and your username, your password will then be sent to that email address.

What will the emails look like?

You will not receive an initial email if it is the first time you have had an account, you will need to visit the Dreamspark page and register with your NetID.

If a username/password is re-issued it will show up from "University of Nevada - Reno - College of Business - DreamSpark Premium" with a Subject line of "Your account has been registered".

Creating an ISO

When you download software, it will be in a file with a *.iso extension. In order to use this file you will need to either "unpack" it or write it to a CD.

Read how to write the .iso images to CDs using Windows.

I keep trying to download it but it stops downloading in the middle.

When you put the software in your cart and then checkout, the download link that it gives you is a tool that manages the download of the software. You should "SAVE" this file to a known location on your computer. DO NOT "Open" this file, because it will go into your temporary internet files and you will have a difficult time finding it. This file will be named [Product Title].exe (example: Windows_XP_Professional_w_Sp2.exe). If you close the download window or the download times out, you simply have to execute that file again and it will resume the download. This file also allows you to unpack the files that can be installed from the hard drive like Visual Studio.Net.