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Episode 12: Guest host Tom Saxton


Jeremy is joined by Tom Saxton, president of the UNR College of Business Alumni Association, to discuss tips for students in their final years of college and how they can get connected with board members to enhance their potential. 

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Episode 11: Engaging in an online environment


How you can still stay engaged and connected in your new college experience.

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Episode 10: Guest host Dean Greg Mosier


Jim is joined by Dean Greg Mosier to discuss how the College has been operating remotely, what to expect moving forward and some of the exciting things that have continued despite these challenging times.

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Episode 9: Volunteering and Transferable Skills


Jim is joined by Dr. Stallar Lufrano-Jardine to discuss volunteering and the importance of giving back to the community.

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Episode 8: Adapting to Online Classes


How to be flexible, adapt and succeed in a new classroom environment. 

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Episode 7: Interview Skills


Get the tips and tricks on how you can put your best foot forward in your next interview.

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Episode 6: Networking


Jim and Jeremy talk about the many ways you can network in the time of COVID-19. 

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Episode 5: Side Gigs


"No matter what you're doing as a student, it's especially important now with the economy being uncertain that you have a side gig, something that you can do on the side to make money."

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Episode 4: Building Skills During Summer


Jim talks about what you can do this summer to be ready and relevant for a career after college.

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Episode 3: Career and Job Market


Jim and Jeremy discuss the current job market and opportunities for careers.

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Episode 2: Stay for the Extra Degree or Earn an MBA


Jim and Jeremy discuss the benefits of staying in college and earning an additional degree during this uncertain time.

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Episode 1: Adaptability


Jim and Jeremy address the changing environment of career opportunities after college. 

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