College of Business FAQ

Who is my adviser, and how do I schedule an appointment?

If you are a Business pre-major or are considering declaring a Business major, you should see an adviser in the Advising Center. Please call (775) 784-4912 to schedule an appointment. You can email questions to

If you have declared a business major, you should meet with your designated faculty adviser. Please contact your faculty adviser to schedule an appointment.

How do I declare my major?

You should make an appointment with an advisor in the Advising Center to declare a Business major or minor. Additional information about declaring a major or minor is available online.

If you would like to be a business major and your DARS report reflects another major, please contact the Advising Center to declare your business major.

What is a DARS and how do I make changes to my DARS?

DARS compares a student's course work, both Nevada and transfer, with the requirements of an academic degree program, and prepares a comprehensive report, or audit, which details the student's progress toward meeting those requirements. For more information, go to visit MyNEVADA.

You can access your current DARS through MyNEVADA.

If you need a correction or exception made to your DARS, please make an appointment with an advisor in the Advising Center.

How do I determine my catalog year?

Your requirements for graduation are based on your catalog year – the year in which you declared your College of Business major. You can find your catalog year on your DARS, available through MyNEVADA .

What math courses are required for Business majors?

All Business students must pass MATH 176 as a part of the pre-business core. Math Placement information is available from the Mathematics Center website.

How do I get into 300-level College of Business courses?

You must declare a College of Business major and have completed all of the pre-business core classes to be enrolled in 300 level business courses.

How do I get on the College of Business Dean’s List?

The Dean’s List is published once a semester. You must have 12 or more credits in the semester with a GPA of 3.50 or above.

How do I stay informed about College of Business news?

Send an e-mail to to become a member of the College of Business mailing list.

How do I find out about internships?

The Career and Corporate Outreach Center, located in Ansari Business building room 407, can help you find and apply for internships. Learn more about internship requirements.