Overview of Business Location Choice Survey

This survey is being conducted by the Department of Economics at the University of Nevada, Reno.

The purpose of the survey is to gather opinions about how a company makes decisions about relocating or establishing an additional location in another community. We are interested in learning about the factors that influence these decisions.

The information collected in this survey will serve as a key ingredient of a larger study: the Area Sector Analysis Process (ASAP), conducted by the Department of Economics at the University of Nevada, Reno. ASAP is a tool that assists a community in identifying desirable and compatible industry sectors for sustainable development. Learn more about the ASAP study.

Companies are currently randomly selected for participation from the Reference USA business database. Employees of selected companies are sent a letter with a link to the online survey.

Participation in this survey is voluntary and all of the responses are confidential. Individual responses will not be identified and will only be presented in aggregate forms.


For questions related to this survey, please contact:

Professor Thomas Harris
Department of Economics (MS 204)
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, Nevada 89557-0204
Phone: (775) 784-1681
Fax: (775) 784-1342
Email: harris@unr.edu