Corey Lott

Research Analyst

Department of Economics
University of Nevada, Reno Mail Stop 204, Reno, NV 89557  
Office Phone: (775) 784-8050  

PhD Student
University of California, Santa Barbara
Email: clott (at)  


  •  Natural Resource Economics
  • Water Economics
  • Applied Microeconomics
  • Non-market valuation
  • Behavioral Economics  


Analytical - Econometric analysis, spatial analysis, survey design

Computing - Stata, Matlab, ArcGIS, Microsoft Office  


Working Papers

C. Lott, E. Tchigriaeva, K. Rollins, and S. Stoddard. "Residential water demand, climate change and exogenous economic trends." UNR Working Paper.   

Tchigriaeva, E., C. Lott, and K. Rollins. "Modeling effects of multiple conservation policy instruments and exogenous factors on urban residential water demand through household heterogeneity." UNR Working Paper.  

Technical Reports  

C. Lott, E. Tchigriaeva, Rollins, K. (2013). "The effects of climate change on residential municipal water demand in Nevada", Technical Report for the Nevada EPSCoR Project: Vulnerability and Resilience of Urban Water Systems Under a Changing Climate 2013/10-01.   Rollins, K., L. Christman, and C. Lott. (2013). "The 2011 Wildfire Risk/Hazard Assessment of Selected Nevada Communities", Technical Report ESNR 2013/06-01.