Economics, Society and Natural Resources Projects

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Granite cliffs

 Current Projects

  • "Evaluating the Economic Returns of Fuel Management at Multiple Spatial Scales: Accounting for Teatment Timing, Method and Ecological Condition." Sponsored by The Joint Fire Science Program
  • "Forest Health and Wildfire Prevention," subaward through Northern Arizona University's Ecological Restoration Institute. Sponsored by the USDA Forest Service Southwestern Region.
  • "Scenic Beauty, Forest Health and Wildfire Threat Reduction; the Nexus between Private Values and Public Land Management Goals." supported by McStennis (USDA Forest Service) and Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station.
  • "Integrating Market and Non-Market Benefits to Value Ecological Change in Agroecosystems: An Application to Invasive Weeds on Great Basin Rangeland" Sponsored by USDA ARS / US EPA STAR

Past Projects