Hongchao Zeng

Associate Professor of Finance
Director of MS Finance Program

Hongchao Zeng

Office: Ansari Business 311 E
Tel: (775) 682-9195
Fax: (775) 784-1769

Biographical Information

Ph.D., Finance, University of Alabama
MBA/MSIS, Baylor University

Selected Publications

  • Intraday order placement and execution in a limit order market: Evidence from the Indonesia stock market, (with Irwan Ekaputra, Chunlin Liu, and S. Ghon Rhee), International Review of Finance, forthcoming.
  • How do interest rate changes affect mortgage curtailments? Evidence from China, (with Weida Kuang, Chunlin Liu, and Qun Wu), Real Estate Economics,forthcoming.
  • The volatility linkage of between energy and agricultural futures markets with external shocks, (with Liyan Han, Jiayu Jin, and Lei Wu), International Review of Financial Analysis, forthcoming.
  • The impact of liquidity constraints on the cash-futures basis dynamics: Evidence from the Chinese market , (with Lei Wu), Economic Modelling, forthcoming.
  • Illegal corporate bribery: The pressure to ‘Make Do' and achieve goals. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, (with Thomas Burnham and Jean Jeon), 2018, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, Vol. 26 (3), 211-229.
  • Price discovery in China's inter-bank bond market, (with Chunlin Liu, Qingbin Meng, and Lei Wu), 2018, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Vol. 48 (April), 84-98.
  • Takeover protection and stock price crash risk: Evidence from state antitakeover laws, (with Rahul Bhargava and Sheri Faircloth), 2017, Journal of Business Research, Vol. 70(1), 177-184.
  • Cash holdings and the bargaining power of R&D-intensive targets, (with Arun Upadhyay), 2017, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, Vol. 49 (4), 885-923.
  • Inside directors, risk aversion, and firm performance, (with Arun Upadhyay, Rahul Bhargava, and Sheri Faircloth), 2017, Review of Financial Economics, Vol. 32(1), 64-74.
  • The impact of capital shocks on M&A transactions, (with Ying Huang), 2016, Studies in Economics and Finance, Vol. 33(1), 126-146.
  • Gender and ethnic diversity on boards and corporate information environment, (with Arun Upadhyay), 2014, Journal of Business Research, Vol. 67(11), 2456-2463.