The dates, times and topics for the IWES event.
Time Topic
7:30-8:00am Pre-Event Networking
8:00-8:05am Opening Remarks
8:05-8:45am Opening Keynote with Charlene Li, The Disruption Mindset: How to Be A Strong Leader in A Fast-Changing World
8:45-9:25am Workshop: Sales as a Driver of Growth with Alice Heiman 
9:25-9:45am Break - Experience Networking Lounge, Exhibit Hall or Unplug and Be Here Yoga with Tara Stiles
9:45-10:30am Keynote: Nancy Duarte, Lead Through the Power of Storytelling
10:30-11:10am Extended Break - Experience Networking Lounge, Exhibit Hall or Spark Creativity Yoga with Tara Stiles 
11:10-12:05pm Industry-Based Breakout Sessions 
12:05-12:35pm Workshop: Fundraising, Financing and Extending Your Runway with Angela Lee 
12:35-12:40pm Break - Join us for a Softness Break and Yoga with Tara Stiles 
12:40-1:25pm Social Media & SEO Workshops – Facebook, Twitter and SEO
1:25-1:55pm Closing Keynote
1:55-2:00pm Closing Remarks & Mindfulness Intention Setting
2:00-3:00pm Post-Event Networking

Kara Goldin speaking


Speaker at IWES event

Networking at IWES event

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The IWES event is hosted by The College of Business & The Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship