2019 Seminars

Spring 2019

Dates, speakers and topics for the Economics Seminar series.
Date Speaker Title of presentation
1/25 Dimitrios Tsomocos, Oxford Optimal Bank Regulation In the Presence of Credit and Run Risk
2/1 Stephen Miller, UNLV Determinants of optimal capital structure and speed of adjustment: Evidence from the U.S. ICT sector
2/15 Gautam Gowrisankaran, University of Arizona Reclassification Risk in the Small Group Health Insurance Market
2/22 Scott Carrell, UC Davis My Professor Cares: Experimental Evidence on the Role of Faculty Engagement
3/1 Shawn McCoy, UNLV Wildfire risk, salience, and housing development in the Wildland-Urban Interface
3/8 Laura Doval, CalTech Mechanism Design with Limited Commitment
3/15 Donald J. Bruce Do In-Kind Grants Stick? The Department of Defense 1033 Program and Local Government Spending
3/29 Jesse Rothstein, UC Berkeley
4/5 Rafael Betancourt, Colegio Universitario San Gerónimo de La Habana Special Event: Ecotourism, Sustainability, and Climate Change in Cuba
4/12 Dan Wilson, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Taxing Billionaires: The Geographical Sensitivity of the Forbes 400 to Estate Taxes
4/19 Andres Carvajal, UC Davis k-level Reasoning and Rational Expectations
4/26 Carlos Zarazaga, Dallas Fed Argentina's 'Missing Capital' Puzzle and Limited Commitment Constraints
5/3 Serge Herzog, UNR The Value-Added College Ranking: Graduating, Earning, Repaying

Fall 2019

Dates, speakers and topics for the Economics Seminar series.
Date Speaker Title of presentation
9/11 Ethan Grumstrup, UNR Neighborhood Characteristics and Video Gambling Terminal Placement and Spending in Illinois
9/13 Dawn Thilmany, Colorado State How do Local Foods Influence Local Economies?
9/20 Lance Bachmeier, Kansas State Modeling the Asymmetric Effects of an Oil Price Shock
9/27 Giovanni Peri, UC Davis Does Emigration drain Entrepreneurs? Evidence from Italy


Rachel Flanigan, UNR Do Local Supply Shocks of Bank Credit Affect Entrepreneurial Financing?
10/11 Mobarak Hossein, UNR Employer and Non-employer Entrepreneurs: A Dynamic Structural Microeconometric Model
10/18 Luciano Pomatto, CalTech The Cost of Information


Briana Ballis, UC Davis Does Peer Motivation Influence Schooling Investments? Evidence from DACA
11/6 David Card, UC Berkeley Assortative Matching or Exclusionary Hiring? The Impact of Firm Policies on Racial Wage Differences in Brazil


Ursina Krumpholz, Minister-Counselor, Head of the Economic and Business Section, Embassy of Germany Free trade – benefits and challenges – a German perspective


Andrew Plantinga, UC Santa Barbara Do Property Rights Alleviate the Problem of the Commons? Evidence from California Groundwater Rights.


Ilan Tojerow, Free University, Brussel The “Other” Child Penalty: Work Disability after Motherhood and How Paternity Leave Can Help


Susanna Berkouwer, UC Berkeley