2017 Seminars

Spring 2017

Dates, speakers for the Economics Seminar series.
Date Speaker
2/3 Robert Fairlie, UC Santa Cruz
3/15 Jude Bayam, Chico State
3/31 Shihe Fu, Southwestern University of Economics and Management
4/7 Randy Akee, UCLA
4/14 Bruce Weber, Oregon State
4/17 Yoram Bauman - stand up show
4/18 Yoram Bauman - seminar
4/20 Ronald Oaxaca, University of Arizona
4/21 Ronald Oaxaca, University of Arizona
4/28 Qi Li, Texas A&M
5/5 Amnon Rapoport, UC Riverside

Fall 2017

Dates, speakers and topics for the Economics Seminar series.
Date Speaker Title of presentation
9/1 Eric Gibbons, UNR Cost of Skill Reallocation Across Occupational Task Measures
9/8 Paul Jakus, Utah State Western Public Lands and the Fiscal Implications of a Transfer to States
9/15 Laura Giuliano, UC Merced Fairness and Frictions: The Impact of Unequal Raises on Quit Behavior
9/22 Frances Moore, UC Davis Shifting Baselines, Climate Trends and the Perception of Unusual Weather Events: Evidence from Twitter


Julie B. Cullen, UC San Diego Political Alignment and Tax Evasion
10/6 Steven Deller, University of Wisconsin Migration and Remote Rural Entrepreneurship
10/13 Serge Herzog, UNR