Attributes of a Successful Master in Accountancy Student at the University of Nevada Reno

Communication Skills

In order to be successful in the Master in Accountancy ('MAcc') Program students must be able to communicate effectively. This includes the ability to write letters, memos, term and research papers using proper English. In addition to that, students must be proficient in presenting ideas, research findings, and other concepts to the instructor and/or the class. They also must be able to communicate effectively with their classmates and their instructors inside and outside the classroom. Please note that the expectations with regard to effective communication in the English language apply to all students regardless of their native tongue.

Computer Literacy

Students must know how to use a computer to do word processing as well as spreadsheet tasks before starting the program. This generally means extensive knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel (or similar programs). Computer literacy also includes the ability to use the computer and the internet to perform research tasks. That is, we expect students to be able to use the resources provided by our library as well as the World Wide Web to answer questions that come up during the course of their studies.

Work Ethic and Study Habits

MAcc courses are rigorous. Students in our graduate program must be able to work independently to meet deadlines established by their instructors for graded work. Students are expected to assess workloads at the beginning of the semester and should not take on more than they can handle.  

Conduct Inside and Outside the Classroom

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner inside and outside of the classroom. This means that they respect other students and their instructors. Further, students are held to high ethical standards similar to the entire accounting profession. Unethical behavior will not be tolerated.