A board where students have written down companies for whom they have worked.

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"TriNet, located in South Reno, just began recruiting at UNR last year. We hosted an internship program for 2 UNR accounting students for 4 months starting in December 2016. I have been highly impressed with the students' professionalism and readiness for the work world. We have just completed our first ever hiring of two UNR graduates for entry level corporate accountants this week. One of the graduates hired was part of the internship program. I'm looking forward to continuing to find great talent at UNR for future entry level positions at our company.
I just wanted to say I appreciate the hard work your team does in putting on excellent career events for the students and employers!"

- Jeffrey Carr, CPA, TriNet

Student Testimonials

Giana Saletta, a junior at The College of Business, talks about her experience obtaining an internship after attending the Career Fair.