Recommendations for IS Students

  1. Get an internship to help develop real-life experience with information systems.
  2. Offer to create and maintain a web site for a non-profit organization. This will give you wonderful experience in web site design as well as help you learn to communicate effectively with people who may not be experienced with computer technology. It will also help you network with people in our community and give something back to the community that helps pay for your education.
  3. Check your degree audit report (DARS report) every semester to make sure you are on track for graduation.
  4. Meet with an IS advisor to discuss career opportunities as well as your degree program.
  5. Select a business-oriented magazine, such as ComputerWorld, eWeek or InformationWeek. Read it every week. Don’t select a magazine that focuses exclusively on PC-related issues – get one that discusses large systems and enterprise-wide issues.
  6. Build a portfolio of systems development and analysis projects. You should take this portfolio with you to job interviews to show potential employers the quality of your work.
  7. Come up with at least one idea for a business that you could develop and run by yourself. Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, but it is possible for everyone to have at least one idea for a business. You may surprise yourself with your creativity.