Management Department

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate students who contribute to the creation of effective, efficient, and preferred workplaces. Management graduates understand the why and how of designing a work environment that motivates employees to work hard, achieve success, and lead by example as socially responsible, global-minded, innovative business people.

The faculty in the Management Department implements this mission through publishing in top-tier academic journals, providing value-added teaching and instruction, guiding students through meaningful advising and service, and developing and maintaining long-term, mutually enriching relations with the community.


Management, defined as "getting things done through people", involves the four managerial activities of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The Management Department offers undergraduate and graduate degrees based on curricula that allow students to develop knowledge and applied skills related to these activities. The Management faculty consists of dedicated and mission-driven faculty members who publish cutting-edge research in the areas of Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management, Decision-Making, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, International Business, and Business Ethics.

The undergraduate curriculum in management prepares students for success in entrepreneurial endeavors, for entry-level management positions and a broad variety of careers in business including careers in human resource management, sales, and project management. The Management faculty teaches most of the curriculum in the MBA program which prepares students for advanced management positions.

The Management faculty members are among the most distinguished in the College in the areas of research and teaching. Our faculty regularly receives teaching and mentoring awards in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Selfless service, as well as student and community engagement, are central to the culture among the faculty in the Management Department.  We strive as a department to put students first and ensure that they build a foundation for success for the rest of their lives while in our undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

In addition to degrees at the undergraduate and graduate level that prepare students for managerial responsibilities in all sizes of organizations, we offer a highly ranked online Executive Masters of Business Administration program for students who are interested in expanding upon their operational knowledge of business.

Management Department News

Updated 11/2017
  • Professor James Sundali, Professor Federico Guerrero and recent Ph.D. graduate Amanda Safford published the paper "Does experiencing a Crash make all the difference? An Experiment on the Depression Babies Hypothesis" in Sage Open.
  • Professor James Sundali, Professor Federico Guerrero and recent Ph.D. graduate Rattaphon Wuthisatian published the paper "Gain attraction in the presence of social interactions" in the Review of Behavioral Finance.
  • Professor Mark Packard published his paper "Where did Interpretivism Go in the Theory of Entrepreneurship?" in the Journal of Business Venturing.
  • Professor Mark Packard published his paper "Uncertainty Types and Transitions in the Entrepreneurial Process" in Organization Science.
  • Professor Mark Packard published his paper "On the Relationship between Entrepreneurship and Inequality" in Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.
  • Professor Mark Packard presented his paper "Knowledge Signals and Investors' Funding Decisions: Evidence from Crowdfunding Ventures" at the annual conference of the Academy of Management.
  • Professor Mark Packard presented his paper "Toward a Modern Rationalist Approach to Entrepreneurship" at the Strategic Management Society's annual conference.
  • Professor Alice Wieland published her paper, Wieland, A., Kemmelmeier, M., Gupta, V. & McKelvey, W. (Forthcoming). The Gender Congruence Bias in Entrepreneurship: A Socio-Cognitive Model of How Gender Affects Entrepreneurial Decision-Making. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.
  • Professor Alice Wieland published her paper, Hsu, D., Simmons, S. & Wieland, A. (2017). Entrepreneurship and Experimental Research Methods: What's Been Done, What's Left to Do? Organizational Research Methods.
  • Professor Alice Wieland published her paper, Stedham, Y. & Wieland, A. (2017). Gender and Culture: Hostile and Benevolent Sexism on Entrepreneurial Intentions. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research.
  • Professor Frances McKee-Ryan received a grant for $45,358 CAD from the Canada Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Insight Development Grant: Overqualified but Excluded? Understanding Incivility Experiences of Overqualified Employees, 2-year grant, 2017-2019, Co-applicants Dana Kabat-Farr & Camilla Homvall, Collaborator Benjamin Walsh.
  • Professor Frances McKee-Ryan presented a paper at an international conference, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Annual Meeting, with Dana Kabat-Farr, Benjamin Walsh, and Allison Burrus (2017, April). Perceived Overqualification and Incivility Experiences. In B. Erdogan & S. Kudret (Chairs), New Directions in Employee Overqualification Research.
  • Professor Frances McKee-Ryan published her paper, Virick, M., & McKee-Ryan, F. M. The willingness to be underemployed: A study of unemployed professionals. Journal of Managerial Issues.
  • Professor Frances McKee-Ryan received a citation from the National Judicial College for 5 years of serving on its faculty.
  • Professor Frances McKee-Ryan is a member of the editorial board, Journal of Management.
  • Professor Rafik Beekun published "Empathy as an Antecedent of Social Justice Attitudes and Perceptions" in the R. I. Journal of Business Ethics, 2017, online edition.