Vision, Mission, and Strategic Initiatives


To be an increasingly influential driver of economic development in the State of Nevada.


As the premier provider of business education in the region, the UNR College of Business prepares students to become competitive, ethical and innovative business professionals in order to drive economic development and improve quality of life for all citizens of the State of Nevada.

Strategic Initiatives

Student Success

Education enhances the lives of students by broadening their perspectives and developing technical skills. The College will provide students the knowledge, experience and strong analytic skills necessary to be successful in competitive regional, national and global business job markets.

Faculty Excellence/Retention

Our ability to promote student success and economic development is entirely contingent upon our ability to attract, retain, and support high quality faculty that excel in research, teaching, and service. Faculty excellence is a necessary condition for the College of Business to realize it's purpose, vision, and strategic initiatives.

Economic Development

The College of Business is committed to becoming an increasingly influential driver of economic development for the state and region through enhancing its role as a resource in attracting new businesses, helping existing businesses to grow, and preparing the students we educate to be competitive for the jobs we help create.

Global Perspective

Our students must be prepared to think globally in order to compete and thrive in the global marketplace. The College will develop and emphasize its international programs and the activities of its students and faculty.


The College, as part of a major land grant university, has an obligation to the state and region. Located in a rapidly developing area, the college will enhance its activities in sustainable development including economic development, social development, and environmental protection.