Position Control

The Nevada System of Higher Education implemented the Position Control System July 1, 1999. All paperwork submitted to Human Resources without a valid position number will be returned to the department.

If needed, a new position number will be established as part of the new search approval process. New position requests will be routed (via e-search for professionals and paperwork routing for classifieds) to either Planning, Budget and Analysis (PBA) (for state funded or self-supporting positions) or Sponsored Projects (for grant funded positions) after all relevant search approvals have been obtained. Search documents need to include the department name, job class code, title and funding source in order to establish position numbers.

Position numbers are five digits and are assigned as follows:

  • 1 # # # # Professional, Post Docs, and Letters of Appointment
  • 1 5 # # # Medical Resident/Fellow (School of Medicine only)
  • 2 # # # # Graduate Assistants (pooled by department)
  • 4 # # # # Classified
  • 4 5 # # # Temporary Labor - paid from object 15 (pooled by department)
  • 5 # # # # Students (pooled by department)

Letter of Appointment, Graduate Student, Temporary Labor and Student positions are "pooled" positions meaning many individuals may be paid from one position number. Departments should have a single pooled position for Letters of Appointment, one for graduate students, one for temporary laborers and another for students. These pooled numbers may be used for all account types (state, self-supporting, and grant funds).

Position Control edits all PAFs to be certain that the following items are completed:

  • The position number is valid.
  • The account the individual is to be paid from is "linked" to the position number.
  • There are sufficient funds available in the account for that specific object code.

If you intend to change funding sources for a position, please check the position in CAIS/Human Resources/Look Up Information/Position Control to see if the new account number is "linked" and check CAIS/Financial to be certain that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the transaction you are submitting. If the position is not linked, contact PBA at budget@unr.edu or OSPA and request that the new funding source be linked to the position prior to submitting the PAF. If there are not adequate funds available, process a budget transfer (State Accounts TB1) or a budget revision (Self-Supporting accounts EB/RB).

If you have any questions, please contact Planning, Budget and Analysis at (775) 784-6516.