Supported Grants

The University of Nevada, Reno enjoyed a number of successfully funded grants that included the Bioinformatics Core's pre-proposal support in forms of experimental design, power studies, data maintenance and security, data analysis, systems administration, and computational services.

Awarded Grants

  • USDA, Mountain pine beetle pheromone biochemistry and molecular biology, PI Claus Tittiger, UNR, 2013-2016
  • NIH COBRE grant "Center for Integrative Neuroscience" at the University of Nevada, Reno, PI Michael Webster, UNR, 2012
  • DOE Genome Science Program, Engineering CAM photosynthetic machinery into bioenergy crops for biofuels production in marginal environments, PI John Cushman, UNR, 2012
  • UNR Hatch Grant, Improved Abiotic Stress Tolerance of Camelina: A Novel Biofuel Crop for Nevada, PI John Cushman, UNR, 2010
  • NSF, Arabidopsis 2010: Abiotic stress combination: Bridging the gap between Arabidopsis stress research and agriculture, PI Ron Mittler, UNR, 2010
  • NIH DHHS PPG Grant "Regulatory Mechanisms in Intestinal Motility", PI Kent Sanders, 2009
  • MRI: Acquisition of a High Resolution LC/MS/MS system for the Nevada Proteomics Center; PI Dave Quilici, 2009
  • NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant "Acquisition of DIGE Instrumentation to Enhance Proteomics Research in Nevada", PI Kathleen Schegg, 2009
  • NIH NCRR Supplement for Collaborative Community Engagement Research: Community Engagement: Colorectal Cancer Screening Project, directed by Dr. Paul Devereux, 2009
  • NSF, Regulatory and Signaling Mechanisms of Crassulacean Acid Metabolism: A Photosynthetic Adaptation to Environmental Stress, PI John Cushman, UNR, 2009