Consent Info

The wording below will be on the participant consent form.

We are conducting a research study to learn how those who ride their bicycles to campus for work and/or classes are moving through campus at present. This study is being conducted by the UNR Bicycle Working Group, which is considering where on campus to place new infrastructure for bicyclists, including dedicated lanes and signage, along with bike racks and lockers. To help inform these decisions, we would like to get a sense of 1) how cyclists are moving through campus, both in north-south routes and east-west routes, and 2) how cyclists are accessing campus from the community (entry/exit points). To do so, we are recruiting at least 100 volunteers – including a mixture of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff – to participate in our study. We will ask recruits to log and store their bicycle rides using the popular Strava platform over a two-week period. Users will share their travel routes with study personnel for all bicycle trips that include travel to, from, and around campus.

If you volunteer participate this study, you will be asked to create a Strava account and download the application on your phone or other suitable recording device, if you do not yet have an account and the associated app. For each bicycle trip on campus during the two-week study period, you will record your trip on Strava. To do so, you will enable the location/GPS service on your device, then start your bicycle trip, and stop recording once you reach your destination. You will be provided with a detailed instruction sheet on how to do this after you agree to participate in the study. Your participation should take about two weeks, and will encompass each bicycle trip you make to, from, or around campus throughout.

This study is considered to be minimal risk of harm. This means the risks of your participation in the research are similar in type or intensity to what you encounter during your daily activities. Signing up for a Strava account and sharing your activities with followers is similar in nature to other common social media platforms, and we have included instructions to ensure that your privacy will be maintained and that no personally identifying information will be visible or accessible to anyone that you have not given permission to do so.

Benefits of doing research are not definite; but we hope to learn how cyclists are traveling to and through campus to help the UNR campus community make better decisions about infrastructure location to ensure safe and enjoyable bicycle commuting, which should enhance safety and commuting experiences for all who travel through campus. Outside of contributing data that will help inform bicycle infrastructure decisions on campus, there are no direct benefits to you in this study activity.

The researchers and the University of Nevada, Reno and the UNR Bicycle Working will treat your identity and the information collected about you with professional standards of confidentiality and protect it to the extent allowed by law. You will not be personally identified in any reports or publications that may result from this study. The US Department of Health and Human Services, the University of Nevada, Reno Research Integrity Office, and the Institutional Review Board may look at your study records.

If you are interested in participating, please send an email to Dr. Scott Kelley ( to receive the study instructions. Read and review the instructions, and if you are still willing to participate, please send your Strava username via email to Dr. Kelley. Sending your Strava username via email to Dr. Kelley and providing the requested permission for the study Strava account to follow your Strava account will indicate your consent and willingness to participate in the study.

You may ask questions of the researcher at any time by calling Dr. Scott Kelley in the Department of Geography at UNR at 775-784-6705 or by sending an email to Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. You may stop at any time. Declining to participate or stopping your participation at any time during the study will not have any negative effects on you or your ability to continue to commute to campus by bicycle. You may ask about your rights as a research participant. If you have questions, concerns, or complaints about this research, you may report them (anonymously if you so choose) by calling the University of Nevada, Reno Research Integrity Office at 775.327.2368.

Thank you for your participation in this study!