About CBS Press

Publications have always been a central part of the mission of the Center for Basque Studies since its inception.

The first Occasional Papers were published in the early 1980s. In the 21st century, book publishing has been a central focus of the Center. We publish books on all aspects of Basque culture, history and more, including history, politics, culture, children's books, novels, economics. If it relates to "Basqueness," there is a good chance the Center has published a book on it, or that there is one coming.

The books are divided in various series including the Basque Classics Series, the Basque Politics Series, the Basque Literature in Translation series, Basque Originals, Basque Diaspora and Migration Studies, and Occasional Papers, with new series being planned.

Quality being one of the outmost relevant goals of the CBS Press, since 2017 our books are included in the Book Citation Index, a quality label that increases the visibility of our collection. Researchers rely on citation indices to identify the best resources for their research.

In the words of the exiled Basque poeta Josemari Iparragirre "Eman ta zabal zazu" (give and spread your fruit all over the world) has been our motto and currently, the CBS Press distributes all over the world more than 10,000 books a year.