Tenor Saxophones

tenor saxophone

About the Section

Shawna Bacon and Delshaun Holtzclaw - Section Leaders

The Tenor Saxophone section upholds all that is Saxophone. Being a Saxophone in the Pride of Sierra Marching Band means upholding the ideals that are Saxophocation. Saxophocation is being the best and coolest and sexiest and overall Greatest Section Ever!!! Which brings me to the second Ideal that is Saxophocation... Perfection!!! The saxophone section expects each other to be perfect all the time. Not only in our ability to play or march, but also in the ability to be the best band member you could be.

Upholding the Saxophone ideals is not the only thing we do. As a section, it's important to spend time with each other outside of rehearsal. So every now and then, we have get-togethers and movie nights (with popcorn of course)! The Saxophone section has the strongest family bond among any of the sections and we're always looking out for each other! Even during rehearsal, we get things done while still having a good time. So come and join the tenor saxophones in the Pride of Sierra Marching Band because you won't regret it!

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