piccolo band

About the Section

Cameo Flores and Kristine Morishige - Section Leaders

Welcome to the Wolf Pack Marching Band Piccolo Section! As piccoloists, we pride ourselves in our ability to add color to the band in a unique and rewarding environment. Participating in something bigger than the individual member is an amazing experience, and although our instruments are small, we have a beautifully robust sound to offer to the band and to the game time experience.

We work together in a fast-paced and challenging environment throughout the marching season to produce high quality and fun shows. In the summer, we memorize many different and interesting shows, put together visuals, and memorize lots of great music.

Members of the Piccolo Section continually strive to meet the highest standards of musicianship and personal improvement. We aim to be one of the most constructive programs offered on campus, where being in the piccolo section is not only about working with fellow musicians, but actively participating in a family of piccoloists who support each other in performance on and off the field. The piccolo section is not only an occupation on the field, but is also a fantastic way to build long lasting friendships at The University of Nevada, Reno.

Majors in our section are from a wide arrays of schools, and we are all willing to help each other academically. Areas of study found in the section are Music Education, Flute Performance, Ethnomusicology, Latin American Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Neuroscience, and Business amongst many others.

The most notable part of being in the section is how we work together off the field. We are a very caring and driven group of individuals who love to hang out and host board game nights, potlucks, or go to trampoline parks. When you join the piccolo section, you will not only become a stronger musician and marching athlete, but a well rounded individual with many more piccolo playing friends! If you love band, a strong group dynamic, and a challenging but rewarding environment to participate in, then the piccolo section is for you!