Color Guard

color guard

About the Section

Kelly Billings - Section Leader

When you first get into college, everything is brand new: the people, the work load, your schedule, and your life. It can be stressful, and even scary at times. Here in the color guard, you instantly have a support system because of one thing: your color guard family. Everyone that joins our team is here because they enjoy it and this creates a support system through a common interest. It allows you to continue the activities you knew well through high school and can help you build long lasting friendships with your new teammates.

Throughout the semester, whether it is having dinner and frozen yogurt Sunday nights or our Christmas party we have every year in December, we often get together outside of band. We grow as a family throughout the semester, not only within our section, but with the band as well. Another great aspect of our guard is that you get to meet people from different schools with different backgrounds and styles of spinning. You can learn new tricks and ways of spinning that you were never taught before. There is also the possibility of student choreographed work being implemented into the show, so your ideas can be included.

Another unique aspect of the guard here is that we are able to participate in pep band. If you can play an instrument, you can play it in pep band. If you do not play an instrument, you can dance to the music that the band is playing! We join in with the pep band to support our Wolf Pack athletic teams and have a blast doing it. Our color guard and the band is very school spirited and it makes any game, whether it is football, basketball, volleyball or soccer, an amazing experience.