baritone player

About the Section

Chris Macias - Section Leader

The Pride of the Sierra Wolf Pack Marching Band is not just a fun, exciting class to take for an easy A. This band will become your family and what better way to start your family than with the almighty baritone section? This section has acquired a reputation for having the most fun and exemplifying the skills and attitude our band possesses. Not only does our section successfully memorize music and drill in a timely and even relaxed manner but we also present an example for other sections to follow. As a member of the baritone section, you will have the opportunity to involve yourself in extra, entertaining activities that will bring you closer to some of the greatest friends you will make in your lifetime. Section bonding is extremely important for the benefit of the ensemble and personal gain. The baritone section will provide you with fantastic experience learning, performing, and producing a brilliant musical production. Over the course of the year lifelong friends will be made, and you will learn valuable skills in music, leadership, and responsibility. Join our section and help our family grow!