How to Join the Wolf Pack Marching Band

Band members on university quadHow to Join

1 - Fill out an Interest Form (be sure to select Marching/Pep Band at the bottom).
This form gives us your contact information and some basic facts about you that will allow us to keep you updated on important dates and information. You do not need to be a senior to fill out an interest form!

2 - Apply for admission to the University of Nevada, Reno.

  • For incoming University of Nevada Students: Applications for all majors can be accessed through the "Apply Now" tab on the right side of this page (music majors must also take a few additional steps).
  • For non-University of Nevada Students: It is still possible for you to participate in the Wolf Pack Marching Band! Simply follow the steps for Nondegree students at the "Apply Now" tab on the right side of this page. Contact Dr. Stephen Eubanks if you have questions.

3 - Audition.
Each member of the Wolf Pack Marching Band must complete an audition. This can be done by video submission or in person. In-person auditions can take place at one of the official Department of Music Audition Dates, or with the Director at a more convenient time. *Auditions are informal, and are primarily a way for the band staff to get acquainted with you. Whatever your skill level, we will find a place for you in the band, so do not let the audition stress you out!

To schedule a Marching Band audition, please call (775) 784-6525.

To audition by video, you can post online and email the link to or you can mail a DVD to:

Stephen Eubanks
University of Nevada, Reno
Department of Music/1226
Reno, NV 89557-1226

However you choose to complete it, the audition should include:


  • Chromatic scale (demonstrate as much of your range as possible)
  • C major scale (concert pitch, 2 octaves if possible)
  • A-flat major scale (concert pitch, 2 octaves if possible)
  • 3 minutes of music (2 excerpts of music, one technical, one lyrical from etudes. These can come from solos, honor band auditions, or even your concert band music. We just want to hear you at your best!)

Guard & Percussion:

  • 3 or 4 warm-up exercises
  • An excerpt from a show that you have performed recently
  • You may also include video of recent shows, if you are easily identified within the ensemble


  • Forward March at 80 beats/minute
  • Forward March at 160 beats/minute
  • Backward March at 80 beats/minute
  • Backward March at 160 beats/minute
  • Percussion: Demonstrate left and right slide at 160 beats/minute

4 - Enroll in the class.
All members of the Wolf Pack Marching Band are required to register for the course, which you will be able to do once you have been accepted to the University. Marching Band is a 1-credit class that rehearses MWF from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., and is labeled MUSE 115 (lower division), MUSE 415 (upper division), or MUSE 615 (graduate division). Be sure to enroll in Marching Band when registering for your other classes to help avoid scheduling conflicts!

A detailed fall season schedule for band members (including band camp) is avavilable by clicking here.