Rangeland Ecology & Management Degree

The Rangeland Ecology & Management major is offered through the Department of Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences (AVRS). The program is accredited by the Society for Range Management, and University of Nevada, Reno is a Society for Range Management accredited university.

The curriculum provides a solid, interdisciplinary foundation for science-based decision making in natural resource management. Students graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to integrate information about plant communities, soils, wildlife species, livestock use, watershed functions, geographical information systems and land use policy to conserve and restore rangeland ecosystems.

The curricula meets U.S. Civil Service requirements for range conservationist and soil conservationist. It is possible, with a few additional courses, to meet U.S. Civil Service requirements for soil scientist and ecologist. Students with such training are generally employed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Natural Resource Conservation Service, U.S. Forest Service or private companies involved in reclamation, monitoring or management of rangelands.


Rangelands are the world's largest land type. Comprising over 40 percent of the Earth's land, rangelands consist of prairies, grasslands, deserts, alpine, savanna, marshes and some types of forests. These lands are extremely productive and rich in biodiversity providing:

  • A source of high-quality water, clean air and open spaces
  • Essential wildlife habitat and carbon sequestration
  • An environment for recreation such as hiking, camping, hunting and fishing
  • Economic means for agriculture, mining and local communities
  • A setting for social, cultural and aesthetic activities
rangeland research

Some things our students are doing with their bachelor's degree in Rangeland Ecology & Management:

rangeland research
  • Rangeland restoration/rehabilitation
  • Fuels and wildfire management
  • Wildlife habitat management
  • Ranch management
  • Conservation planning
  • Native plant research
  • Riparian and wetland ecology and management
  • Rangeland livestock production and management
  • International rangeland management
  • Rangeland economics and policy
  • Working landscapes and collaboration programs
  • Soil conservationist/scientist

Students graduating from the program work for:

Public lands agencies, federal agencies like the Agricultural Research Service, Bureau of Land Management, Department of Defense, Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, conservation organizations such as the Nature Conservancy, local and regional parks, international development programs, and environmental consulting firms.

helicopter rangeland surveys

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