Physics Ph.D. Assessment Plan

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a quality education that prepares students for the challenges and opportunities presented by our modern technical society. Rigorous classroom instruction and laboratory experiences using modern equipment and computers provide broad insight into nature and technology We seek to provide forefront research opportunities and experiences for both undergraduate and graduate students, and to address state and national priorities in competitive research programs.

Program Outcomes

1. Physics PhD students are expected to complete their course work and research project in a reasonable time.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Program of study identifying courses by semester defined by the student and advisor.
  • Annual research report.
Assessment Method
  • The graduate examining committee will review and approve the program of study
  • The Physics department graduate studies committee will review research reports and monitor student progress.

2. The PhD program in Physics should provide graduates with skills relevant to research and development environments in academic, National Laboratory, or industrial environments.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Graduate employment
Assessment Method
  • Track graduates professional careers using surveys.