Metallurgical Engineering M.S. Assessment Plan

Mission Statement

The mission of the Metallurgical Engineering graduate program at UNR is to provide a quality education that prepares students to be engineering professionals having the knowledge, skill, and problem-solving abilities necessary to enhance the economic well being, safety and security of society in Nevada and the world through the production of materials in an economic and environmentally responsible manner.  Graduates will be prepared for industrial and government employment, research positions, or for further advanced studies.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Students will progress through required and elective coursework; development of a committee, research topic and program of study; and completion of a thesis or professional paper in a timely manner.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Timely completion of coursework
  • Development of a committee and research topic, and submission of program of study
  • Completion of degree
Assessment Method
  • Performance and progression through required and elective coursework
  • Time to establishment of research advisor and submission of program of study
  • Time to completion of degree

2. Students will demonstrate proficiency in fundamental metallurgical engineering topics.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Written, oral, and laboratory performance in the graduate metallurgical engineering curriculum.
Assessment Method
  • Faculty evaluation of performance in core graduate metallurgical engineering courses

3. Students will demonstrate written and oral presentation skills.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Oral and written presentations of research and thesis work
  • Authorship on professional manuscripts
  • Presentations at professional meetings
Assessment Method
  • Faculty and mine representative evaluations of research and thesis presentations, both written and oral
  • Number of professional manuscripts with student authors
  • Number of student presentations at professional meetings

4. Students will be prepared for positions in the operations and management of extractive metallurgical and mineral processes, or for further graduate studies.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Work experience or research support within the minerals industry during graduate studies
  • Employment upon graduation
  • Acceptance to further graduate studies
Assessment Method
  • Research support from industry for graduate assistants
  • Work and internship participation of graduate students
  • Written evaluations from internship and employment supervisors
  • Exit interviews
  • Alumni and employer surveys