Math M.S. Assessment Plan

Mission Statement

The primary goal is to provide quality education and knowledge in various areas of the mathematical sciences depending on which one of three options the student chooses: pure mathematics, applied mathematics, or statistics.

Students will be provided with in-depth treatment of the appropriate subjects in the mathematical sciences that will prepare them to face the challenge of their future endeavor: working in an industrial setting; teaching in an academic institution; or continuing studies toward a PhD degree at another institution.

Program Outcomes

1. Students will be prepared for further graduate studies or employment in an academic or industrial setting that uses the skills developed in the process of working toward a Master degree.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Employment upon graduation or acceptance to a doctoral program.
Assessment Method
  • The Graduate Committee director interviews all graduating students.
  • Alumni survey of employment.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of fundamental concepts in real analysis.

Student Performance Indicators
  • All Masters students take a certain set of required courses, including Math 713 (Abstract Real Analysis), that depend on their track of study. Performance in these courses is an indicator.
  • Those Masters students who write theses must demonstrate knowledge of the topics in the thesis.
  • All non-thesis students must demonstrate knowledge of a basic core of material set forth in a comprehensive examination over core material.
Assessment Method
  • An independent committee administers objective assessments of skill development for those required courses.
  • In preparation of the thesis and in the final thesis examination. The student's advisor and members of the thesis committee evaluate the work.
  • Examination committee evaluates performance noting strengths and weaknesses and reports results to the Graduate and Assessment Committees.

2. Students will be able to demonstrate problem solving skills and ability to construct rigorous mathematical arguments.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Students exhibit ability to communicate a logically coherent proof of a mathematical theorem.
  • Student self-assessment of learning outcomes.
Assessment Method
  • An independent committee administers objective assessments of skill development for each course.
  • Departmental exit interviews are conducted by the graduate director for each graduating Masters student.