Art B.F.A. Assessment Plan

Mission Statement

The department of Art through Bachelor of Fine Art courses, professional exhibition presentations, professional public lectures and related contemporary art programming provides students opportunities to:

  1. create art in a studio context with both technical and conceptual instruction,
  2. gain educational experience in art history, theory, and criticism which offer an informed appreciation of the worlds artistic heritage and
  3. establish a foundation for continued studio and creative practice, formal graduate work, and employment in art related careers.

Program Outcomes

1. BFA studio majors and graduates will be prepared with a strong foundation for post-graduate creative practice, study and careers.

Student Performance Indicators

  • Graduate and professional school admissions.
  • Local, regional, and national exhibition participation.
  • Publications, catalogs, and reviews of artwork.
  • Internship experiences.
  • Art-related job placements.

Assessment Method

  • Recording the quality of graduate programs into which our BFA graduate students are accepted.
  • Recording the quality of professional exhibition activity in which our BFA graduates are participating. Students will report on exhibition activity via senior interviews and questionnaires.
  • Recording the quality of professional publications in which our BFA students are featured. Students will report on publication activity via senior interviews and questionnaires.
  • Recording the quality of enrolled interns. Internship coordinator will evaluate, based on work evaluation and diaries from students, and seek evaluation from Internship Client.
  • Recording the quality of employment in art related careers. Students will report on job placement via senior exit interviews and questionnaires.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Studio majors will, through both studio class instruction and formal art history and theory and criticism courses and related programming, be able to demonstrate the historical knowledge, contemporary perspectives and critical and visual sophistication regarding the evolution of art as well as the contemporary practice of art.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Quality of scholarly written papers, and oral presentations. Students are required to articulate the position of their work within the contemporary art lexicon.
Assessment Method
  • BFA graduate committee reviews and records written thesis papers and oral defense at the time of the thesis exhibition.

2. BFA students will be able to achieve a high-level mastery and technical competence in studio practice.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Quality of art work produced. Timely completion of studio work. Level of commitment, participation and productivity. Readiness to progress to the next level.
Assessment Method
  • BFA committee evaluation of Mid-way Progress and Thesis exhibition. External visiting professionals' evaluation of BFA student art work facilitated by critiques, studio and gallery visits.