Speech Pathology Ph.D. Assessment Plan

Mission Statement

To train doctoral level professionals capable of functioning as knowledge generators in institutions of higher learning. Graduates should be competent teachers, clinicians, and researchers.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Student will demonstrate ability to guide graduate student clinical experiences.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Schedule, observe, and provide feedback to students working with patients in the UNR Speech Clinic.
  • Facilitated growth in student confidence, clinical skills, and independent thinking.
Assessment Method
  • A grade of at least B+ in SPA 791 Experiences in Classroom and Clinical Teaching.
  • Student evaluations averaging at least 4.0 on a five point scale from student learners.

2. Student will demonstrate ability to develop and teach area-specific course in communication disorders.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Develop syllabi and appropriate rubrics for sequencing and delivering learning materials to learners.
  • Present theoretical constructs and their practical applications.
Assessment Method
  • Earn a grade of "S" in GRAD 701.
  • Earn a grade of at least B+ in SPA 791.

3. Demonstrate ability to independently evaluate, conceptualize, and execute empirical research.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Create original research that contributes to the knowledge base in communication disorders.
  • Appropriately apply statistical methods to research questions.
  • Generate critical analyses and syntheses of existing research.
  • Formulate and critically evaluate research questions and methodologies.
Assessment Method
  • Successful defense of doctoral dissertation.
  • Earn at least a B+ in PSY 706 and CEP 740.
  • Earn a grade of at least B+ in SPA 790 Research Design.
  • Earn a grade of at least B+ in SPA 790.