Finance M.S. Assessment Plan

Mission Statement

The Master of Science in Finance degree is designed to provide the foundations students will need to adapt and excel in the rapidly changing environment of the finance profession. The knowledge and skills incorporated in the program also enable students to continue the professional and educational development necessary for successful advancement in their careers.

Student Learning Outcomes

1.   Students will be able to evaluate the feasibility of a capital budgeting project.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Comprehension of tools, techniques, and valuation theories will be measured primarily through tests and assignments in the appropriate courses.
Assessment Method
  • Grades from Exams 2 and Final Exam from BADM 741 and Exam 2 from BADM 743 will be evaluated and collected.

2.  Students will be able to effectively communicate financial information and analysis.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Use of financial valuation of tools, techniques, and theories of valuing assets will be measured primarily through tests and assignments.
Assessment Method
  • Tracking CFA Examination Results. Some MSF students take the Level I Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examination. The MSF program will construct a data base to track the pass rate for MSF students taking this exam.
  • Scores from BADM 741 Final Project will be collected and evaluated

3.  Students will be able to use quantitative and analytical skills necessary for financial decision making.

Student Performance Indicators
  • BADM 742 test scores
  • GMAT or GRE admission test score
Assessment Method
  • Examine quantitative test in required quantitative skills course.
  • Collect score on quantitative portion of GMAT or GRE of incoming cohort.

4.  Students will be able to use various hedging techniques to manage the financial risks.

Student Performance Indicators
  • Analytical thinking and quantitative skills will be measured primarily through tests and assignments in appropriate courses.
  • Measurement of the satisfaction of employers with MSF graduates.
Assessment Method
  • Collect and evaluate scores from Exam 2 from BADM 743.
  • Evaluation of OUA employer survey.