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Redfield Proscenium Theatre

Redfield Proscenium Theatre

Venue Information

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Date Constructed: 1958

Seating Capacity: 260

An ideal venue for a theatre experience

The Redfield Proscenium Theatre, housing the Nevada Repertory Company, is a proscenium style theatre that has a seating capacity of 260. Opened in 1958, it has continental style seating and fully air conditioned. The proscenium opening is 30 feet wide and 18 feet high. The Stage has a depth of 30 feet and a counterweight fly system.

The lighting system has a state of the art control console capable of controlling both conventional and automated lighting. The sound system combines both analog and digital technology giving our students the opportunity to learn both types of equipment.

The Theatre has men's and women's dressing rooms each with a capacity of 20 people. These dressing rooms are shared with the Redfield Studio Theatre with a common green room area.

The loading dock for the Proscenium Theatre is located just off North Virginia Street with access to all backstage areas.

Seating Chart

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