Events Resources

You’re hosting an event in the School of the Arts. Don’t panic – we’re here to help. Whether on your own or with our guidance, we’ve put together everything you need to help you prepare for your upcoming event.

Schedule your event and request assistance

  1. Visit the SOTA Events Google Worksheet to ensure that your desired dates are available.
  2. Enter your event on the School of the Arts Online Calendar Submission, Marketing, and Virtual Assistance Form to have it entered on the CLA calendar, as well as local community and campus calendars.
  3. Request virtual event production assistance and/or advising by filling out the above form. Once you have completed the form, you will be contacted by Derek Nance, SOTA’s livestream Production Manager.

Suggested timeline

  • 2 months + out: Schedule event on the calendar and seek help from the marketing team
  • 8 weeks out: Preparations
  • 4-6 weeks out: Send out invitations
  • 1 week out: Practice and do dry-run
  • Day of: Go live!
  • Post-event: Caption recordings, send follow-ups

Virtual event registration

We strongly recommend advance registration for virtual events (whether or not they are ticketed). This allows event organizers to capture contact information for viewers, increasing our ability to engage with our audience, and protect any copyrighted material. There are currently two options for advance registration. Speak with your department’s administrative assistant about how to set up either of these options.

Vimeo and other venues

The School of the Arts has a Vimeo account dedicated to the production, storage and broadcasting of SOTA video content and virtual events. This is intended to serve as a hub to showcase all of the great work produced by the Departments of Art, Music, and Theatre and Dance as well as the Lilley Museum of Art, Blackrock Press and Special Events Office. Even if you plan on streaming to other services on the internet (i.e. YouTube, Facebook and Twitch) we still encourage you to also stream to Vimeo at the same time. The SOTA team can help arrange this.

In addition, if you are planning an in-person event, take a look at the list of venue options.

Public speaking tips

  • Land recognition: We encourage you to recognize the native inhabitants of the land that our University is on. An example: "I would like to honor the original inhabitants of the land that our University sits upon - the Paiute, Washoe and Shoshone Native Community, the Tribes of the Great Basin and the Shoshone speaking groups who have stewarded this land throughout the generations."
  • Arts Forward campaign announcement: Please announce the Arts Forward campaign during your event. Suggested language: "There is a significant need for support across the School of the Arts to help keep artists exhibiting and performing in all disciplines. To support this effort, we have launched a School of the Arts fundraising campaign called Arts Forward. To donate to the Arts Forward campaign visit"
  • Sponsors: Announce any sponsors you may have.

Digital programs

It is nice to provide your viewers with a virtual program since including all of the event details is not always possible in the event credits and/or event description. Virtual programs can be stored in a Google document or Nevada Box folder, with a link to the file provided in the Vimeo event description. Provide the Livestream Production Manager with this link so that they may include it in the appropriate places. As an example, please see the Alone Together Resilience In Art Part III program, hosted on the SOTA Google Drive.

Virtual event surveys

To help you gather audience feedback, we have created a survey for you, appropriate for use at any SOTA event. Please feel free to distribute this survey to your event attendees and notify SOTA Special Events Office to request an export of survey data following your event.

If you choose to create your own survey, you can do so by using Qualtrics.

Distribution: Surveys can be sent to your registration list following the event, included in the event description, and announced during your event.


Captioning is required for all virtual University events. We recommend closed captions and there are a number of options for captioning your virtual production. Please be aware that captioning may add an additional expense to your production.


If you’re putting together an event on your own, we’ve got you covered. Download a slide deck of approved branded templates with beginning and end-cards for virtual events, as well as intermission and sponsor slides. The templates are editable to swap out photos and approved logos of your choosing. For custom materials, please work with the CLA graphic designer.

Download virtual event templates
People walk in front of Knowledge Center and student union during summer day

Vimeo technical support

In your email and advance communication with viewers, please share the Vimeo viewer recommendations for livestreamed events and videos wepage. This offers viewing recommendations on the Vimeo platform.

Event questions

Please contact SOTA’s Livestream Production Manager, Derek Nance for event questions.