Joanne de Longchamps’ Collage

Longchamps collage of lions

Activity and questions

  • What animals do you see here?
  • How many of them are there?
  • Where do you think they are?
  • Construct a story about what is happening in the picture: What do you think they are doing?
  • How do you think the artist made these lions? Painting? Photograph?


  • Paper (for the base of the collage)
  • Tissue paper
  • Alternative if you don’t have tissue paper: Children can also use crayons, markers, etc. to color a sheet of paper first, then tear the sheet into strips.
  • The collage doesn’t have to be just paper; you can work with other collage materials such as dried pasta and beans, buttons, cotton balls, ribbon, fabric scraps, feathers, etc.
  • Glue.


  1. Once you have the materials that are going to be used for the collage, organize them onto the base sheet of paper to plan out how you want to design the collage.
  2. After you have designed your collage, begin gluing your materials to the paper.
  3. Share your masterpiece with us by posting on social media and tagging us @thelilleymuseum #TheLilleysArtAtHome