Previous Exhibitions

2013-2014 exhibitions

Benjamin Poynter: Story Generating Apparatus
April 28-May 23
Holland Project, 140 Vesta St., Reno, Nevada

Benjamin Poynter's Story Generating Apparatus: Gallery Edition is an exhibition that marks the culmination of two years of development, worldly travel and experience gained towards producing a time intensive indie game project and all surrounding new and analog media. Story Generating Apparatus, the game, is a virtual reality project that hopes to tell an innovative, multifaceted narrative using the most common device of all: the self.

Colby Stephens: American Pantheon
April 28-May 9
Galleries South, Jot Travis Building

Colby Stephens' body of work employs allegorical mythology to delineate and critique the complex relationships between contemporary American political structures. This work seeks to situate a critique of the Federal Reserve amongst the relationships between both dominant political parties, news media and institutions for national security.

Clairissa Stephens
April 14-24
Galleries South, Jot Travis Building

Clairissa Stephens' Master of Fine Arts thesis exhibition responds to the uniqueness of the Northern Nevada landscape. The work engages issues such as memory, nostalgia and space through modes of art-making rooted in cartography.

Erika Harrsch
April 3-May 30
ArtSpace, West Street Market, Reno

Erika Harrsch, the 2014 School of the Arts Visiting Artist in Residence, will present an exhibition that explore the intimate aspects of the human condition.

Manipulated View
Feb. 18-April 13
Sheppard Contemporary, Church Fine Arts

The American West is more than a place or landscape: it's an idea, a dream and a mythology. From the earliest days of westward expansion to contemporary American migration to sunny California, the chance of striking it rich in Nevada or the allure of the emerald cities of the Pacific Northwest, our nation's fascination with the West and the waves of migration to this region have been driven in part by visual representations disseminated on TV, in art galleries, magazines and postcards. The artists included in Manipulated View direct attention to the construction of the American West through images.

Nancy Hom: Mandala Installation for Lunar New Year
Feb. 1-March 28
ArtSpace, West Street Market, Reno

Nancy Hom worked with the community to build a giant mandala in observance of the Lunar New Year at Artspace in the West Street Market in downtown Reno.

Nov. 26, 2013-Jan. 26, 2014
Sheppard Contemporary

(A)Muse exhibit

A 3-D faculty exhibition featuring recent works by Rebekah Bogard, Robert Morrison, Michael Sarich, Jeffrey Erickson and Tamara Scronce.

This: A Contemporary Situation - Erik Parra's exhibition
Oct. 11-18, 2013

Erik Parra exhibition

Erik Parra's This: A Contemporary Situation explores the transformation of space through art making and art experience, while focusing on themes as diverse as urbanism/suburbanism, commerce, community, sports, spectatorship and art practice. Drawing parallels between the terms and conditions of painting and sports practice and also tackling issues of consumerism, urban flight and suburban development and sprawl, Parra carefully encourages the viewer to consider provocative and thorny questions about contemporary life.

Using recognizable materials and images, Parra situates the conversation in the every day. This installation includes a large stadium and immersive environment built out symbols and materials of commercial development including up-cycled shipping pallets and Tyvek. The elements Parra manipulates come together to create images that encourage the viewer to think about spectatorship, responsibility and community.

Elizabeth Ferrill: Detour
Nov. 21, 2013 - Jan. 23, 2014

Ferrill exhibit

Recent print work by visiting professor Elizabeth Ferrill.

Lost in Found - Heeseop Yoon
Oct. 8-Nov. 20
Sheppard Contemporary, Church Fine Arts

Heesop exhibit

Sheppard Contemporary hosted a new exhibition of work by Heeseop Yoon. Titled Lost In Found, this exhibition is a site-specific art installation, made especially for the newly renovated Sheppard gallery. Yoon's staggeringly complex wall drawings made from thousands of thin strips of black tape mesmerize viewers of all ages. Starting with photographs of clutter and mess, Yoon renders tape drawings inspired by the photographs and transforms the original images into a visual symphony of lines that grow to overtake the walls, floors, windows and ceilings of the spaces in which she installs.